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What Clients Are Saying


Geri Custer
Independent Agent
Phoenix, AZ

I have been using this Job Candidate Assessment program during the past year and it reveals how a person THINKS not just personality for the position. I set up a custom profile with them for the Insurance Protection Manager position…tested it on good ol’ Cindy (who is GONE BTW)... and it revealed she was well suited to the tasks of the position (for the most part)... but guess what... she was NOT a team player and had a BAD attitude. Nailed her! Spot-on!

Rhodes & Williams

Kristy McDougall
Human Resource Manager
Rhodes & Williams Ltd.
BHB Alliance

Rhodes & Williams Insurance Brokers doesn't make a hiring decision without first doing a Insurance Hiring System," says Human Resource Manager, Kristy McDougall. The impact of making a wrong hiring decision is simply too costly for our organization to rely on a 'gut feel.' The Insurance Hiring System gives us some great insight about the type of person we are contemplating hiring, as well as their fit for particular positions. It has proven to be very successful and accurate for us!

Brown, Seligman & Thomas

Chuck Brown, President
Brown, Seligman & Thomas
Independent Agency
Albuquerque, NM

We’ve used NPI testing for all our candidates (except the ones we hired based on some unproven observation or referral). We’ve found the system to be helpful not only for the hiring process, but for giving us insights into the personalities of our people. Even when they’re successful here in our office, we sometimes make management decisions without a full comprehension of how the decisions impact an individual’s emotional situation. By being able to refer back to the initial testing reports, we’ve done a better job avoiding these unintended offenses.

Mang Insurance

Thomas J. Farneti
VP Sales & Marketing
Mang Insurance
Independent Agency

I have used the Insurance Hiring System test numerous times in the hiring of new producers. We have found the test to be very accurate in reflecting a potential canditate's strengths and weaknesses. It also provides us with information on how this candidate matches up with the requirements of the job. At the time of the second interview, Insurance Hiring System provides us with questions to ask the candidate in case the candidate is above or below the requirements for the job. This is one of the factors that helps us in determining if the candidate is the right person for the job. I believe the Insurance Hiring System is one of the most accurate tests for hiring a new producer. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for an independent company in assisting them in the hiring process. Their evaluation process has been an asset to our organization.

Agency Sales Pro, LLC

William A. Hoos, CPCU
Agency Sales Pro, LLC
Collegeville, PA 19473

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with the NPI testing system. As you know I have been using the system for over a year now. I have found it extremely useful. As part of my assessment process, I test each producer before entering into an agreement with a new client. I find the tests to be “spot on” in predicting attitudes, behaviors and skill levels. They have helped me to tailor my management services to fit each producer’s individual needs. They are user friendly, administered electronically and I have the results within minutes of test completion – you can’t beat that. I highly recommend the system to anyone looking to hire a new producer. It not only helps in the decision making process, but is also valuable as a management tool after the hire is made. Great product!

The Rule Company

Cynthia Retter
Executive Vice President
The Rule Company
Pasadena, California

Our agency has been using the NPI Profile to test potential job candidates for over 15 years to assist us in choosing the right person for the position. What we have found is that any time we have gone "against" the test results, thinking that we somehow saw something different in the candidate than the test portrayed, we have regretted it. The profile is an excellent tool. Believe it and use it!

Clark-Theders Insurance Agency

Jonathan Theders, CPIA
Clark-Theders Insurance Agency

We have contracted with their services and have found it to be successful from the XT reports, the teambuilding modules, the sales coaching section and so on. The ability to pull past reports up online and mix teams to balance personality and work style has been incredible.

iPeople, LLC

Mark Shlien
iPeople, LLC
611 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, Suite 311
Washington, DC 20003

There is no bigger decision an agency principal will make than the decisions regarding hiring and staffing of his or her organization. The "IHS" profile helps to insure the right person is being hired for the position. With insight provided by the IHS assessment, the decision maker can rest assured that the candidate being hired will have the skill, experience and attitude to be a long-term and productive employee.

Holmes Murphy

Amanda Vander Ley
Sr. Human Resources Specialist
Holmes Murphy & Associates

When hiring new producers, the ProfileXT has become an integral tool of our recruiting process. The Profile gives us a clear understanding of a candidate’s strengths and areas of development, which is imperative information for us to know before making the costly investment of hiring a new producer. The Profile is easy to administer and the reports are easy to interpret – something every administrator can appreciate. We have been beyond satisfied with the service we have been provided and know that IHS can be counted on as a trusted resource in our employment process.

McClure, Bomar & Harris

J. Brady Harris, Jr., CPCU, ARM
McClure, Bomar & Harris
Shreveport, LA

Our agency recently completed the process and were extremely pleased with the results. We gained valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our prospective producer that will allow us to make a well thought out hiring decision. I would highly recommend this process to any agency seeking to hire producers.

Foster & Parker Insurance

Steve Barsotti
Foster & Parker Insurance
Madera, Oakhurst & Sacramento, CA

We are very pleased with the PXT Profile. The Profile is a critical part of our producer and account manager hiring process, to the point that we have every finalist complete a Profile. The Profile helps us ask the right questions to properly evaluate a candidate and their potential for success.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback at (505) 603-5503