Profile XT Samples

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Three examples of reports that can be generated from the Profile XT assessment appear below. Each report is for a “producer” in your agency.

Here is what each report can do for you:

  • "Interview Guide--Total Person" is a 12-15 page report which leads off with the summary of the assessed candidate or team member and then provides a series of behavioral interview questions for each area.

    This report offers you proven questions for interviewing a person. It encourages the interviewer (by presenting options) to raise questions they might otherwise be reluctant to—and all the questions have been reviewed by lawyers…in other words, you are safe to ask any of them.

  • "Performance Model Comparison" is a 25 to 32 page report contrasting the applicant's (or team members) responses with the job match pattern of a high performer for that job role. For each area of the assessment, three things are highlighted: behavior considerations, management considerations, and additional considerations.

    Two things are worth mentioning. First, while a 32 page report may seem long, in reality is isn’t. Upon inspection of this report you will see that spacing, graphics, and the management and behavioral considerations section arrays the report making it easy to read and understand. Second, the considerations section helps managers focus or reflect on key issues often overlooked. The "sweet spot" for this Profile report is more for career planning, job placement, and team building.

  • Comparison Summary is a 7 page report highlighting the assesses’ profile. It is a quick summary.

    If you need a quick way to review a person—this report would be the ticket.

These are samples. Other versions of the report are available based on the Profile XT for your situations within your company. Call us at 800.659.5323 to discuss these.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback at (505) 603-5503