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George Nordhaus Bio

Founder and Chairman of AgenciesOnline, LLC, the major online marketing system for independent agencies , George Nordhaus has spent his entire working career as a marketing systems creator and information provider for the insurance industry.

If there were one word to describe Mr. Nordhaus it would probably be "creative." As an association executive (running the Tennessee and Indiana IIABA insurance agents associations) and as a publisher (founding Insurors Press, IMMS, Group 500 and now AgenciesOnline), Mr. Nordhaus has created or published more than 200 books, services, and other informational products.

A pioneer in the field of communications, Mr. Nordhaus lists a number of "firsts" for the industry including:

  • The IIAA Management Service.
  • Excess and Surplus Lines Manual.
  • Risk Management Manual.
  • CPCU Study Questionnaires.
  • CPCU on Tape.
  • Agency Management on Tape.
  • Insurance licensing manuals for more than 20 states.
  • More than 300 individual cassette tape interviews.
  • The Nordhaus Insurance Marketing System.
  • Agency Marketing and Management on CD-ROM and the Web .
  • 2OrderDirect, only national direct order Web site for independent agencies.
  • Over 100 online, permanent "Webinars" each year.

In l992, Mrs. Nordhaus (Sue) a practicing psychologist, formed Nordhaus Profiles. Utilizing the services of one of the largest testing systems in the world (Profiles International, Waco, Texas and in 90 countries), Nordhaus Profiles soon became one of the leading hiring assessment firms in the U.S.) In 2007, the new entity was created (Insurance Hiring System) in conjunction with VMBhits and MWare, a web development firm based in Massachusetts.

Along the way, Mr. Nordhaus found time to write eight books on insurance sales and marketing, author a weekly newsletter for 40 consecutive years, write columns and articles for practically every trade magazine, and appear as a speaker at more than 3,000 insurance conferences and conventions.

In the early l970s, he became one of the youngest "Names" (investors) in Lloyds of London. He later served as the Southern California/Nevada/Arizona and New Mexico Chairman for the Association of Lloyds Members.

Mr. Nordhaus was honored by the Boston Board of Fire Underwriters as "Insurance Person of the Year"; by the Insurance Marketing Communications Association as their annual Golden Torch Award Recipient; and served for many years as an Elector to the Insurance Hall of Fame.

Sue Nordhaus, M.A. MFT, President

Sue and her husband, George Nordhaus, created Nordhaus Profiles International in l991 primarily to serve the hiring and management needs of insurance agents.

Over those twenty years, NPI, (which eventually became Insurance Hiring System,) assessed thousands of agency and company employee candidates in both the United States and Canada. She also produced and appeared in seminars on hiring for George’s firm, Insurance Marketing and Management Services.

In addition to her MFA (Marriage and Family Therapy) master’s degree, Sue has attended a number of educational sessions provided by Profiles International, the provider of the psychological assessments for Insurance Hiring System. Sue also had a private practice as a therapist, prior to the formation of IHS.

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