The Scorecard: Selecting the Best

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This is the final step of the hiring process: putting the results of the three sides of The Hiring Triangle together, and totaling up the score.

Again, this is what separates us from the competition...we have a total system.

Why to use The Scorecard?

By using The Scorecard, you take much of the guesswork out of the hiring procedure.

The Scorecard is especially effective when you have more than one candidate for the job. It also gives you an easy way to compare various candidates.

Another advantage of The Scorecard is allowing you to see the results of all three activities in the Hiring one document. It allows you to compile each of the three, rating each on a 1-10 scale. The total of the three will give you an immediate indication of the candidate's overall attractiveness as a hire.

You'll want to save The Scorecard in the the hire's file for future reference.

To download a copy of the candidate scorecard click here.

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