Customize Job Match Patterns

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Job Match Patterns for Candidate Matching are a critical aspect of the ProfileXT and why it works so well. The IHS Advisory Board has reviewed and refined Job Match Patterns to reflect the requirements and "best-fit" settings for these patterns as they pertain to insurance organizations in general.

But your company may have different requirements, so you can customize Job Match Patterns to fit your organization's needs and to reflect and emphasize your particular corporate culture and unique staffing requirements.

How to Create a Job Match Pattern

For any Job Position that we list -- and even for jobs we don't list -- you can create a customized Job Match Pattern by doing the following:

  1. Click here to download the ProfileXT Job Analysis Survey.
  2. In the File Download box, click on Save and save the document to your Desktop.
  3. From your Desktop, open the survey in Microsoft Word.
  4. Review the instructions and enter responses for each of the 57 statements.
  5. Save and email the completed survey to:

Once the completed survey is received by the IHS Administrator, the new Job Match Pattern will be created within one (1) business day and you will receive email notification that the new pattern is ready for use.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback at (505) 603-5503