Buy, Merge, Sell

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No more buying a "pig in a poke." With IHS, you know what you are getting as a buyer or you can demonstrate what you have to offer as a seller.

Buying an agency?

One of the more important assets you will be purchasing is the personnel who will stay with the new entity.

Using IHS you'll be able to understand just what talents (latent and existing) your new employees offer. You'll be able to determine if they are in the right job in your agency, especially if you test your existing employees.

You'll be able to move job functions around into a better fit ... giving your newly-purchased agency a better chance of future success.

You'll also be building an extensive file on ALL your employees ... a terrific hiring tool for new employees as you grow.

Buying tips:

  1. Make IHS assessments a prerequisite of the sale.
  2. Make one of the first steps after a sale to quickly and efficiently assess the strengths and capabilities of the staff as a whole.

Selling your agency?

Yes, agencies are generally sold "by the numbers".

But using IHS on ALL your employees, then offering the results to the potential agency buyer, will allow you to maximize the value of your major asset.

The IHS gives you the metrics for quantifying the valuable asset comprised of your staff and management team.

"Here are our numbers ... but also here is a complete capabilities assessment of each of our employees. You will KNOW what you are getting when you buy our agency."


What better tool for putting together a workable merger than using IHS to assess the principal employees (or all of them) of both entities?

IHS is the perfect answer for any merger, especially when each party shares with the other.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback at (505) 603-5503